Scaffolding Tubing
Military Grade

Tubing shall be high strength, structural steel tubing and shall be 1.90 inch / 48,3mm outside diameter and .095 inch / 2,41 mm minimum wall thickness for 2 inch designated size, and 2.375 inch / 60,3mm outside diameter and .154 inch / 3,9mm minimum wall thickness for 2-1/2 inch / 60mm designated size. Minimum yield strength shall be 50,000 pounds per square inch / 345 MPa and ultimate tensile strength shall be 75,000 pounds per square inch / 517 MPa. Elongation in 2 inches 23% minimum. Ratio of yield to tensile .85% maximum. Tubing shall be supplied with a female twist lock fitting attached to one end and a male twist lock fitting attached to the other end, and in the length specified. Tubing shall be hot dip galvanized inside and outside in accordance with ASTM A 123. When measured with a surface thickness gage, there shall be a minimum of 3 mils / 75 microns of zinc on the inside and outside of the tubing and fittings.

Twist Lock Fittings  (permanantly installed on scaffolding tubing)

Twist lock fittings shall consist of a male fitting and a female fitting. The female fitting shall be a malleable iron casting conforming to ASTM A 47. The male fitting shall be a steel forging conforming to ASTM A 668. The male fitting shall be nominal 4 inches in length with a minimum of a 2 inch length available to be attached to the tube by the manufacturers's standard method of attachment. The fitting shall accept the male twist locking portion and lock with 90 degree rotation. The maximum outside diameter of the coupler shall conform to the outside diameter of the tube. When installed in tubing, the twist lock fitting tube assembly shall withstand a tensile force of 4,000 lbs. and a compressive force of 20,000 lbs. The twist lock fitting shall be hot dip galvanized in accordance with ASTM A 153.

Right Angle Coupler
Military Grade

All military grade couplers exceed Mil-S-29180A, which does not specify a timed load test.
Our military grade couplers will withstand a load of  25,000 lbs  for 5 minutes.

Right Angle Coupler
Industrial Grade

The right angle coupler shall have two drop forged caps, a drop forged one piece body, and a securing bolt for each cap. Forgings shall conform to ASTM A 668. Body and caps shall be contoured to fit the outside diameter of the applicable pipe or tubing size. Coupler bodies shall be 4 inches +/- 1/4 inch wide for 2 inch o.d. pipe or tubing and 4-1/2 inches wide for 2-1/2 inch o.d.pipe or tubing. Each cap shall hinge on a rivet which shall have a minimum diameter of 3/8 inch. Each cap shall be designed to swing from a fully closed to a fully open position in an approximate are of 90 degrees. The cap shall also be provided with a minimum 1/16 inch lip to prevent the bolt from slipping out of the opening after tightening. The two bolts shall be M-14 T bolts. The two nuts shall be collar nuts 3/4" inch high and 7/8 +/-.009 inch across flats. Nuts, bolts and rivets shall be Sherardized in conformance with British Standards 4921 or mechanically galvanized. Caps and body shall be hot dip galvanized in accordance with ASTM A 153. There shall be no plated or electro- galvanized parts. The coupler shall be furnished as an assembled unit. The nut-bolt-coupler assembly shall withstand a torque of 125 foot-pounds in a non-lubricated condition. The unit shall have a minimum slippage capacity of 4,000 pounds when torqued to 50 foot-pounds. It shall withstand a tensile pull of 16,000 pounds for 5 minutes, when torqued to 50 foot-pounds. The coupler shall meet OSHA requirements for a heavy duty bearer coupler used at maximum permissible load and span.

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